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Archive Archives
Archives of The Jewish Theological Seminary, The Ratner Center for Conservative Judaism and the Music Archives.
Bookplate Bookplates
2,500 bookplates from the Leah Mishkin Collection.
Ephemera Ephemera (pamphlets, brochures, etc.)
Short printed documents such as pamphlets, brochures or sheets on specific topics related to the mid-to-late twentieth century Jewish experience. This collection is meant to document, identify, publicize and preserve these publication. The items often contain obscure and hard to find information such as occasional prayers, lectures, programs for events, The content is in English and in Hebrew.
Holiday Cycle
Document relating to the Jewish and United States public holidays. Primarily special prayers and services for holidays.
  • Rosh Hashana
         - Tashlich
  • Yom Kippur
  • Hoshana Raba
  • Hannukah
  • Purim
  • Shavuot
  • Selichot
  • Public Holidays
         - Fourth of July
  • JTS Theses JTS Theses
    Theses submitted by JTS students in partial fulfillment of their requirements for undergraduate and graduate degrees.
    Judaica Americana
    Judaica Americana
    A unique set of pamphlets published between1725 and 1900 in Colonial America and the United States. Included are rabbinic sermons, lectures on Jewish/Christian relations, educational pamphlets, historical articles and biographies of renowned Jews of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and political and civic documents relating to the Jews.
    Life Cycle
    Life Cycle
    From cradle to grave. Documents found here pertain to the celebration of different stages of life. They include services for a brit (circumcision) to elegy. Includes the significant collection of ketubbot (marriage contracts).
  • Birth
  • Bar/Bat MItzvah
  • Wedding
         - Wedding Poems
         - Ketubbot
  • Death
         - Elegy
         - Mourning Customs
  • Liturgy, Special Prayers
    Liturgy, Special Prayers
    Prayers for special occasions such as synagogue dedications, Torah dedications, for good health, for the monarchy and government officials, and special religious proclamations.
    Selected manuscripts and their catalogs from The Library's rich collection. Including medieval Hebrew manuscripts and other treasures of The Library. This collection is growing.-
    Music Collections
    Music Collections
    Music collections including archives, sound recordings and musical scores depicting Ashkenazi and Sefardi traditions and the tradition of Cochin, India.
    No-liturgical Poetry

    A collection of literary poetry in Hebrew and Yiddish.
    The collection contains prints from the 15th - 21st centuries, including over 2000 portraits of Jewish luminaries and a large selection of images of the Dreyfus Affair. This is a growing collection.
    The Postcard Collection contains thousands of picture postcards, a common and reliable method for communicating brief, personal messages during the twentieth century. Postcards offer a panoramic view of Jewish daily life, both religious and secular.
    Rare Books
    Rare Books
    A selection of 16th century printed books primarily dealing with Rabbinic topics.
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